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The Art of Ethical Hacking

Course Overview

This hand on course introduces senior level students to Ethical Hacking through the following main topics:

  • Getting comfortable with kali Linux
  • The methodology of Ethical Hacking
  • Information Gathering: Defining a target and stalking it
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Exploitations: The metasploit framework
  • Web Application Attacks: Getting system/database information and a shell
  • Client Side Attacks: Getting client information/cookies and a shell
  • Privilege Escalation: Getting a root/system shell from a local low privilege shell

Target Audience

BSc students (level 3), MSc students, ISF, and employees who work in the security sector. Student must have a good understanding of commonly used Internet protocols like TCP/UDP, HTTP, and FTP.

Duration: 24 hours

01-39 21 39(Main Building)
01-39 21 40(Business Building)
04-404 101
06-40 94 40