General MBA

This internationally recognized MBA is designed for practicing managers aspiring to higher positions. The emphasis for your learning is directly rooted in management practice – the ‘master’ in the degree title signifies your ‘mastery’ of the art and science of management. To achieve this level of capability the program concentrates on strategic analysis, interdisciplinary skills, intellectual stimulation and independent judgment and builds these upon a solid foundation of core disciplines, including human resource management, organizational behavior, accounting and finance, marketing and operations.

You will learn to analyze, synthesize and evaluate a wide range of situations within the broad framework of organizations, their external context and internal management. Among these you will look at economic, environmental, social and technological change issues, corporate governance, markets and customers, managing resources and operations, financing organizations, management and development of people, developing information technologies for application in business and management within a global knowledge-based economy, and development of appropriate business policies and strategies within a changing context to meet stakeholder interest.