Human Resource Management

The MBA in Human Resource Management offers an in-depth understanding of human resource (HR) management combined with a broader understanding of the organizational and management context within which HR management specialists must operate. It combines an emphasis on the development of HR management strategies with opportunities to develop specialist skills essential for practitioners. It is suitable for those who are at the start of their career as an HR professional or who aspire to enter the HR profession and it is also relevant to the experienced manager/HR professional with a degree who wants to gain a postgraduate qualification. The qualification provides a route to professional membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and students following this route are expected to be student members of CIPD throughout their studies.

Throughout the program you will be encouraged to explore the strategic choices available to organizations in relation to human resource management and development. You will also consider international examples of human resource management and some aspects of comparative HR practice which will help to prepare you to work in the global economy. There will be a strong emphasis on practice-based learning so that you will be asked to evaluate research and theory and consider its relevance to practice. Training is also provided in academic and research skills, as preparation for further study and research in the field of HR management.