Software Development (Information Security and Forensics)

The need for information security and forensics analysts in the Arab countries is continuously increasing, and thus the career outlook for graduates looks positive, as there is a shortage of skilled personnel in both the Information Security and digital forensics fields. In addition, the rapidly increasing number of users connected to the internet in the Arab region leads to increasing the percentage of internet- related (or internet–dependent) businesses. The role of information security analysts is thus crucial for this growing business sector.

Students on the MSc in Software Development – Information Security and Forensics pathway will develop a wide range of skills and competencies related to information security, digital forensics and network security that will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities. Graduates can progress to work in cyber-fighting agencies (whether local, regional and international). But the career opportunity is not limited to those agencies with the huge demand in industry for professionals with both digital forensics and information security skills especially with the rise of cyber-security threats and attacks.