English Language and Literature

“The Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature offered by the Faculty of Language Studies is designed to give students a focused, relevant and utilizable body of knowledge in language, literature and linguistics related topics. The program introduces students to core linguistics and literary concepts; such as second and foreign language acquisition, English language teaching, discourse analysis, Shakespeare and the English canon.
The programme equips students with knowledge about the development and spread of the English language, literary texts in their wider intellectual and historical contexts, the critical processes used to analyse literary genres and technique, in addition to a myriad of socio-cultural and philosophical theories associated with studying English language and literature”.

The knowledge and skills offered by the program provide student with vital assets to enable future employability and career success.

Career Opportunities

English language and literature graduates have a broad range of job opportunities at the academic and service sector levels in private and public organizations covering functions such as teaching, journalism, media, travel, and every job that requires good communication in English. The education sector including schools, universities and teaching centers is a major destination for graduates of this track, in addition to ,the service sector including tourism, banks, industry, press agencies, publishing houses, advertising.
After all, graduates in English Language and Literature master a good level of English language, both oral and written.