“The Translation Track offered by the faculty of Language studies is designed to give students a focused, relevant and utilizable body of knowledge in the major principles and approaches to translation, in addition to application and practice. The programme equips students with knowledge about the skills involved in translation and the linguistic expertise needed to analyze language and produce the appropriate expressions in the source and target language. Graduates also enjoy an improved technical experience in the use of computer and electronic translation tools.”

The knowledge and skills offered by the program provide student with vital assets to enable future employability and career success.

Career Opportunities

Translation track graduates have a broad range of job opportunities in the private and public sector employment using language flexibility, knowledge and expertise. Public functions within Ministries of Information, Foreign Affairs, Justice, the Parliament and Security Forces can be the destination for graduates of the programme. In addition, the services sector, tourism, banks, trade, industry, the information sector, press agencies, publishing houses, printed and electronic media, advertising, the education sector, schools, universities and teaching centers, as well as international companies and organizations and sworn and free-lance work are all potential employment destinations for graduates of this track.