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Are you looking for skills and methods to develop the working of your microfinance institution? Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and abilities in the field of microfinance within a flexible learning environment? The Faculty of Business at the Arab Open University Lebanon has developed a special e-learning certificate in microfinance designed for individuals currently working in microfinance or looking to work in the field. The fifteen weeks certificate program is tailored to accommodate people with fulltime jobs who wish to pursue study on the side, with the possibility to work at their own pace. The topics covered will have an immediate impact on the quality of participants’ daily performance at work, and on the performance of their organizations as well.

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Certificate Overview
This program reflects the constantly changing world of finance and Micro-Finance. It aims to develop students’ understanding of some of the existential issues facing microfinance practitioners. It will introduce students to the unbanked cohort concept and explain the need to design financial tools that specifically target this population assessing what works and what does not. It will introduce students to the concepts and theories of microfinance and discuss the analytical frameworks that underpin the design of microfinance tools with a focus on areas of challenges and controversies. It aims to prepare students to take on roles as policy analysts and technical advisers on microfinance and development.
Certificate Objectives
The certificate offers participants a comprehensive, hands-on overview of the basic concepts, methods and abilities required from a microfinance practitioner. The certificate addresses the needs and objectives of individuals new to the field and those looking to expand their knowledge in the field. The schedule is flexible and permits participants to plan their studies in accordance to their job and family responsibilities. Participants can register for the certificate at any time of the year, and it can be completed within 15 weeks. .
Upon completion of the different modules of the certificate participants should be able to:
  • Comprehend the theories and principles of microfinance
  • Recognize problems that impede the development of microfinance in their countries
  • Assess an evaluate the condition of microfinance in their countries
  • Understand the key components of microfinance including financial instruments and lending approaches, performance assessment and measurement, performance management, and formulating financial statement.
  • Design proper financial inclusion strategies that will improve the poor’s access to microfinance services.
The certificate in Microfinance is offered to everyone looking to seek work in the microfinance or other related fields. The content of the certificate requires candidates to have:
  • High school diploma or its equivalency
For Inquiries about admission and how the certificate can improve work performance and career development opportunities send email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Tuition fees amount of the special e-learning certificate in microfinance developed by the Faculty of Business at the Arab Open University is 450 USD *. In addition to 20 USD * registration fees a 20 USD * application fees.
For the purpose of securing wider access, the program is offered within an e-learning platform. Using a multi-instructional context, the aim is to reach the learning outcomes using online learning technologies that map each participant’s learning style and by the use of non-linear teaching, the program aims to develop learners’ practical skills. Using an asynchronous approach, the program will mix online sessions, with online discussions, and self-learning.
The methodology and mode of delivery comprise:
  • An interactive e-learning package which includes assigned readings, video lectures, live online sessions, animated power point slides with examples, practical exercises, self-assessment, online tests, and application case studies
  • Online discussion forms to share knowledge and exchange ideas about module content and
  • Individualized support for each participant based on their profile.
It is recommended that participants allocate 4 hours per week to the eLearning certificate. This will permit them to finish the 15 compulsory modules within 15 weeks. Each module includes marked assignments.It is highly recommended that participants practice with the exercises provided in the script and on the website as they allow the testing of knowledge and comprehension.
The course offers participants the opportunity to link with and connect with other participants in the microfinance field
This program is designed for microfinance employees, bankers, staff members.