• Continuing Education Center (CEC)

    Continuing Education Center (CEC)

    The goal of the (CEC) is to meet the enduring needs of all apprentices whether it was educational or trainings/workshops, in our local and regional community. It aims to develop and shape skilled and technical expertise while addressing the needs for personal and cultural development.

    CEC offers a diversity of standard and customized certificate programs, courses and workshops (in Lebanon and the region) in coordination with AOU resources in numerous fields of knowledge.


    To apply to the CEC:

    Apply, Check the offered courses, and Pay Online here: https://www.aou.edu.lb/cecapplication/


    Visit the university at the Student Affairs office.

    CEC Courses:

    01-39 21 39(Main Building)
    01-39 21 40(Business Building)
    04-404 101
    06-40 94 40