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Learning Resources Center (LRC)

Rules and Regulations

In order to maintain an appropriate learning environment, all students accessing the LRC must follow the below stated regulations, otherwise they will be subject to disciplinary measures.

These rules and regulations are posted on Moodle, and all over the LRC area.

  • Identification:

Students are required to identify themselves by presenting their Student ID card. The ID must be kept shown at all times.

  • Cleanliness:

All the LRC premises and belongings has to be kept clean along with the environment.

  • Food & Beverages:

Food and beverages are not allowed in the library.

  • Smoking:

The University Library offers a smoke-free environment. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the LRC.

  • Detection, Inspection and Direction:

Students must abide to any detection or inspection upon request. In addition, they must comply with any directive issued by any of the LRC staff members.

  • Silence:

Silence must be maintained in the Library at all times. Conversations and noisy behavior are strictly forbidden in the LRC.

  • Mobile Phones:

Students are not allowed to use their cell phone inside the LRC; any call should be answered outside the Center and not inside.

Students have to Silence their phone before entering the LRC.

  • Personal Behavior:

Students must refrain, under any circumstances, from any misconduct toward both other Students and library staff. Any misconduct will lead to referring the student to a Disciplinary committee.

  • Personal Properties:

All personal properties are the responsibility of their owners. LRC staff are not to be held responsible for their loss or deterioration; however, cameras installed in the Center can help detect any stealing attempt.

  • Library Properties:

Marking by pen, pencil, or marker; tearing or defacing books, periodicals, misusing/abusing library equipment, furniture, machines, or facilities are strictly forbidden.

  • Privacy:

Because privacy is the right of any student, library staff may not reveal any personal information to another student, including the borrowed items.

  • Call to order and prohibition of access:

Anyone who departs from the provisions of these Regulations or refuses to comply with any obligations of these regulations will be referred to a disciplinary committee and may be forbidden from accessing the LRC, or be expelled.