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  • Who may use and borrow the Library books?

AOU Faculty, Staff and Students who have current semester Identification Cards may borrow books. Students are required to provide their AOU ID card for all borrowing transactions. ID cards are kept at the LRC office until the borrowed items are returned.

Non-AOU students are not allowed to borrow books; they can only use them within the LRC premises.

(All books should be returned before the end of the semester, precisely before the final exams start)

  • What is the check-out procedure for circulating materials?

Students must present an ID card, valid for the current semester, to borrow library books.

  • Duration:

The borrowing duration vary according to the borrower and the borrowed item.

                    Faculty or staff………….30 days

                    Students……….………...15 days

Certain books and collections, in addition to dictionaries, are not amongst the borrowing items; they can not be taken outside the LRC premises.  

  • Renewals:

Borrowed books should be returned on due date. They could be renewed twice, unless for the following reasons:

       - If it is requested by another borrower (Faculty, Staff or Students). 
       - If it has reached the renewal limit time.

  • Recalls:

Any checked out book / resource can be recalled before its original due date by the LRC staff when necessary or according to the demand. We make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to access any resource.

  • Fines:

Users are fully responsible for all library books issued to them. In any of the 3 cases listed below, AOU may apply fines. AOU administration has the right to determine the type or the amount of the fine:

  • Any Late or Overdue Items,
  • Late Recalls: disregards an early recall or message from the LRC,
  • Lost or Damaged Material: the Library will charge the cost of the item.

Students should comply with the LRC rules and regulations at all times.

  • Failure to Clear LRC Fines:

Students who have overdue books or outstanding fines will lose borrowing privileges until cleared.

They will be then blocked from borrowing if the material is not returned within 30 days of the second overdue notice. The student’s borrowing privileges will not be reactivated until the book is returned and the charges are cancelled. Continued failure to clear LRC charges will result in denial of permission to register, receive grades and transcripts, and ultimately, to graduate. 

  • Notices:

Students will receive four notices: 

  1. Two days before due date
  2. Two days after regular due date
  3. Seven days after regular due date
  4. One month after regular due date

Notices are emailed to student’s AOU email address or by sms. Students are responsible for checking their email account periodically.