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The CREBS center at the Arab Open University – Lebanon branch aims at conducting research, service and scholarly activities directed at enhancing and developing academic knowledge in relation to national and international business and economic issues. The center also aims to cooperate with relevant stakeholders for the betterment of the wider community.


  1. Foster a research-oriented culture which enables our scholars to better exchange ideas and knowledge and to explore emerging research areas.
  2. Identify emergent and current research issues in different business arenas and build evidence based management by linking theory to practice.
  3. Contribute to the wide community through the issuance of practitioner reports and articles in the Lebanese press and of an AOU newsletter.
  4. To collaborate with other existing research centers in Lebanon, and with industry to share research knowledge and findings on issues of economic, corporate, and intellectual importance.
  5. Share cross-cultural academic research findings locally and internationally through seminars, conferences, workshops and academic articles.