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cover 10-6-2015


CALR Overview

CALR is a professional organization affiliated to the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL). CALR provides regional and international forum for academics, researchers and practitioners interested in language and the applications of linguistics.



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CALR has networks with the Institute of Education, University of London Research Support Group as well as with The International Linguistics Journal.

CALR facilitates participation in national and international conferences for its members and channels and guides potential publications. CALR members will have the opportunity to carry out research and get feedback from British experts in the field. Their research, if approved, will appear in a refereed journal indexed by the European Reference Index for the Humanities ERIH Plus CALR LINGUISTIC JOURNAL ISSN 2073 - 1175.


CALR Objectives are to

  • Promote research in Applied Linguistics
  • Assist researchers in refining and publishing their research
  • Advise members on calls for papers from international conferences
  • Run workshops on the British based linguistics promoted by BAAL in research on language
  • Publish refereed specialist journal in the area of Applied Linguistics


CALR Membership

CALRis an exclusively academic organization that offers membership to researchers in Applied Linguistics. It invites applications for membership from academics, researchers and practitioners in the broad fields of Applied Linguistics.


Contact information

For further information please contact Dr. Hayat Al-Khatib on 01-392139-44 ext.308, fax 01-392146 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.