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Welcome Message

Dear AOU students,

This year we have witnessed many events, which make us proud.

The university continues to develop as a dynamic and innovative institution, designed to add value to society and to contribute to its progress. Our mission is based on empowering individuals by adopting an academic model of international quality standards that is linked to the professional world and provides training in skills, competencies and values.

Our efforts in this respect were crowned by the renewal of the British Accreditation for the coming five years along with the validation of all its programs. Congratulations to all the AOU community on this achievement.

We are happy to celebrate a major addition to the university as we witnessed this year the inauguration of our new AOU campus in Tripoli Behhsas, our third campus added as part of the university strategy and mission to reach and serve learners in the different parts of our country. AOU is very excited for the opportunity to serve the north region.

Other news related to our academic achievements are the new majors introduced this year including Electronic Media introduced in cooperation with leading news agencies and Web Development. Both are designed to prepare experts in the field. The Master of Science in Information Security and Forensics continues to be the leading program in its field in Lebanon, and we have entered into agreements with the Internal Security Forces and the Lebanese Army to work on special developmental research projects and to exchange knowledge and expertise. In addition, we introduced new diploma in Learning Difficulties to respond to an identified market gap and growing need for specialists in the field of learning difficulties. Similarly, a Social Media and Digital Marketing diploma was introduced following extensive research on emerging trends and market needs on the local and regional levels.

On the graduate level, new tracks were offered in the MBA program and more are currently under consideration and design to be introduced in the coming academic year.

We continue to support faculty and student research and outreach activities and civic engagement consistent with our mission. To this end, we are working with the ministries of Higher Education, Social Affair, and Economy & Commerce in addition to a number of International and local organizations and NGOs including the European Union, UNESCO, SPARK, KFAS and AGFUND on various community service and student support projects.

The Microfinance certificate continues to receive wide demand and the university has entered into agreements with microfinance institutions in Lebanon and the region (Bahrain, Sudan and Jordan) to offer the program to their officers.

And last but equally important we continue to support and develop initiatives to promote students’ life on campus through different academic, cultural, social, sports, musical, and civic engagement initiatives.

We welcome new and old students and wish you success in your academic year.

Happy reading and enjoy the semester ahead.

Best regards
Professor Fairouz Farah Sarkis

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