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Welcome Message

As we prepare for a new academic year ahead (2019-2020) we take a minute to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of our faculty and staff and, to welcome our new and continuing students.

The Arab Open University is a relatively young, vigorous and progressive institution of higher education established for the purpose of providing students with access to quality British programs of international standards with British and Lebanese degrees.

The AOU programs and teaching model aim to prepare students to take on the growing challenges in today’s continuously changing workplace. We are dedicated to the personal development and empowerment of our community including faculty, staff and our students. Accordingly, following the UK Open University, our teaching approach is designed to provide hands on practical experiences and to engage students to develop their analytical and critical thinking capabilities.

We believe that the pursuit and creation of knowledge are paramount to the responsibilities of higher education institutions. Therefore, the Arab Open University is dedicated to create a learning environment where faculty and students can come together to work on research projects which can change people life in the fields of information technology, forensics and security, marketing, human resources management, entrepreneurship, microfinance, innovation, special education and early childhood education, and graphic design.

By joining the AOU as a new student, you become a member of this exclusive academic community of faculty, staff and students, that will provide you with guidance and support to successfully reach your goals. During your journey we will stimulate your growth and development to fulfill your aspirations. The AOU model of teaching and learning fosters innovative ways of thinking and provides students with theoretical and technical knowledge in addition to hard and soft skills necessary for career readiness and professional advancement. You will be empowered to take part in research projects and to explore internships and work opportunities in various fields related to your study.

Consistent with our mission, we promote among our students the values of integrity, work ethics and respect for diversity and we are committed to serve our local community through various outreach and civic engagement activities.

The AOU Lebanon website provides the full resources needed to know more about our institution and our program offerings. We also encourage potential new students to visit our different campuses and talk to faculty members and student affairs officers to learn more about AOU and explore the opportunities we offer. 

Best wishes 

Dr. Yara Abdallah

Rector, Arab Open University, Lebanon 

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